How to Share Instagram Videos

How to Share Instagram Videos

Instagram introduced video features in 2013 and while they aren’t as popular as photos, they are gaining steam. If you’re already connecting with people via Instagram photos, you can reach out to them even more through videos! One of the best features of Instagram videos is that they play directly in your feed. You don’t have to click anything, you don’t have to leave the page, you don’t have to do anything except watch.

Videos are distinguished in the feed with a little video camera icon in the top right corner. If you stop scrolling to pause on the post, the video will start playing within a second. You can pause the video at any time by clicking on the video. You’ll notice a pause symbol appear in the upper right corner. To resume watching the video, click on the pause icon. After the video has finished playing, it will stop and return to the original cover frame image – it doesn’t loop. If you’d like to watch it again, just click anywhere on the video image.

Taking Videos

You can film your video directly from the Instagram app by clicking on the Camera icon on the bottom tool bar. Then choose the video icon on the right side to switch to video mode.

Press and hold the large video camera icon to record video. You must hold down the button to continue recording. You can start and stop by pressing and releasing the button until you’ve finished filming your desired video.


*Tip for Success: I recommend using a tripod or support system for your mobile device whenever filming doesn’t require movement. This will keep the device steady and produce more professional quality videos. This is especially important for stop-motion video.

As you record video, you’ll notice the little blue bar extend across the base of your screen. If you record one straight video, the bar will be continuous. However, if you start and stop the video, you’ll see a break between frames.

Instagram also makes it easy to delete previous frames. If you don’t like the last take, click on the arrow on the left with the “X”. It will turn red along with the last recorded section. Click on the (now red) arrow to delete the section and you can re-record.


One of the advantages that Instagram video provides is their exclusive Cinema feature. This feature stabilizes your video so that if you’re on the move while filming, the video appears smoother and more cinematic, and less choppy YouTube video-esque.

If you have other video files that you’ve recorded previously and want to share to Instagram, you can do that too! Locate the original video file on your mobile device and share it to Instagram. Once you’ve imported the file, you can trim the video to the desired length and clip sections you don’t need.

Dragging the timer along the bottom allows you to change the overall length of the video from 1 to 15 seconds.

  • Tip for Success: As with images, Instagram videos are based on the square screen orientation. If your video is in portrait mode with a traditional rectangle screen, you will lose a portion of your frame size when uploading to Instagram. You can select which frame area you would like by dragging the video to the ideal orientation.

Once you’ve finished recording your video, use the upload button to proceed to editing, just like you would for photo uploads. If you record a video through the Instagram app and don’t finish the upload process, you cannot reupload the video at a later time.


In general, the entire process of editing and uploading a video is identical to the process for photos. You have 13 unique filters to choose from to add another level of professionalism to your videos.

  • Tip for Success: If you’ve been using Instagram photos for a while, you likely already have a “style” established. Whether you favor black and white or vivid colors, or whether you go for sharp, modern effects or vintage effects, choose consistent filters on your videos to maintain your esthetic style.

After choosing your filter, you can choose your ideal cover frame too. Let’s face it, not every frame of your video will optimally reveal the true value of the video to your followers. Use the slider to drag the box left and right until you find the perfect frame to represent your video. This is the image that will appear in the Instagram feed that your followers will see.

  • Tip for Success: Don’t automatically settle for the first frame as the cover photo. Think about the purpose of the video and what you’re trying to convey. Choose a frame that is artistic, clearly defined, and represents the overall message of the video.

Now that you’ve chosen your cover frame, you can proceed to the caption and upload screen. Include descriptive captions, choose a location if you’d like, and choose any other sites to share the video to. Now that you’re done, complete the upload and process and enjoy the video!


Popular Types of Videos

There are a variety of videos that get shared to Instagram daily. Some of the videos that perform the best include :

  • Stop-motion videos. Think Claymation type videos or videos compiled from still images.
  • Talent videos. If you’re a singer or a poet, a make-up artist or a stylist, a snowboarder or a kitesurfer, use Instagram videos to display your talent and skill.
  • How-to videos. If you have tips and advice on how to do something well, share it in a video. This works especially well for businesses.
  • Personal messages. Want to wish people a happy holiday or make a big announcement? Say it in an Instagram video!
  • Time-lapse videos. Is snow falling at a record pace? Is the sunset the most amazing one you’ve
    seen? Are your kids getting cuter every month? Mix in creative time-lapse videos to really
    showcase your interests.

You have the tools at your fingertips to make your videos professional and entertaining. And all of this without the need for high priced equipment or photographers! (Sorry to those professional videographers out there).


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