How to Instal Windows 10 Free

How to Instal Windows 10 Free

Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows OS which was launched in 2015 by Microsoft and is currently the most used operating system in the world. Most of the latest laptops already have this OS in them. Not a few also do not have an OS and only use the DOS system with black and white text display. However, of course we can install Windows 10 on the DOS laptop.

Clean Installation Instruction for Windows 10 (for specific business users) LG

To install Windows 10, prepare the DVD-ROM and the installation DVD you purchased separately. (To purchase the installation DVD, contact Microsoft). Windows 10 install is designed for specific business users and the operating system and user data on your PC will be deleted before installing Windows. Read the following cautions before you proceed.


  • Back up important user data before starting Windows 10 clean install through an external device (USB memory, USB HDD, CD/DVD, etc.).
  • Do not forcibly shut down or turn off the power while Windows 10 installation is in progress. Be sure that the AC adapter, if included with the product, is connected when proceeding with Windows 10 installation.
  • LG Electronics does not guarantee any data loss and any other problems arising from non-compliance with the aforementioned matters.


  • If you cannot boot from the DVD-ROM, refer to [LG Easy Guide] > [Setup and Upgrade] and check the details of “Changing the Boot Order” or “Selecting a Boot Device to Use.”

How to Instal Windows 10

  1. Insert the Windows 10 installation DVD (purchased separately) into the DVD-ROM and turn on the PC.
  2. Press [F10] several times. When the boot device selection screen appears, select [DVD-ROM] as a boot device.
  3. When the message “Press any key to boot from CD or DVD……” appears on the screen, press [Enter].
  4. When the Windows installation screen appears, complete the settings (language, time, keyboard layout, etc.) and press [Next].
  5. Press the [Install Now] button to prepare for Windows 10 installation.
  6. When the Windows installation screen appears, enter the product key for Windows 10 and click the [Next] button.
  7. Check the content of License Terms and check the box for [I accept the license terms]. Then press the [Next] button.
  8. Select “Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)”.
  9. Select the partition where the previous version of Windows is installed and press the [Format] button.
  10. When the warning message about data loss appears, click the [OK] button.
  11. When formatting is completed, click [Next] to proceed with installation as guided.
  12. When Windows installation is completed, the PC reboots and Windows 10 screen appears.
  13. Follow the instructions on the screen to proceed with the initial configuration for Windows 10.
  14. Complete Windows 10 update and visit LG Electronics website ( to download and install the driver for Windows 10.


  • In the following process, all data in the selected partition will be deleted.


  • A driver whose version is lower than Windows 10 update version does not need to be installed separately.



How to Instal Windows 10 Free

  1. Click Next if a pop-up notification appears.
  2. Click Install Now..
  3. Windows 10 key, skip this step and click Next in the lower right corner of the screen.
  4. Click the “Accept” button and click Next to agree to the terms of use.
  5. Click Upgrade to retain your files, applications, and settings. Instead, click “Custom” to reload and install Windows 10.
  6. Wait for the installation process. This process can take 1 hour or more.
  7. Follow the Settings instructions on your computer screen. Once Windows 10 is installed on your computer, you will be able to customize its settings (eg: Your region, your preferred language, location settings, etc.). Once you have completed this process, you will be taken to the desktop of your computer.




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Originally posted 2022-02-20 01:54:25.

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